Rocket Dog Women’s Sonora Fashion Boot


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Rocket Dog

From the manufacturer

About us

Since 1997, we’ve been addicted to the Golden State’s laidback, playful way of life. The cliff-lined beaches, the mountain trails, the breezy boardwalks. The year-round sunshine that inspires endless adventures and a unique, life’s-for-living attitude. And, of course, the casual-chic style that defines the Southern Californian look.

It’s why we created Rocket Dog. We wanted to make women’s shoes that radiated the SoCal spirit. Which meant fusing dawn-till-dusk comfort with fun, vibrant, and edgy design. Like the typical Californian girl, we take global trends and make them our own. This gives every style a refreshing individuality, whilst staying directly on the pulse.

While trends change with every season, our dedication to injecting the SoCal Spirit into every style remains the same.


Why is this important?

Every shoe manufacturer uses different lasts in terms of instep height, toe shape and foot width. However, the basis for finding own shoe size is always the length of feet. Thus, should always determine foot length before in order to choose the right shoe.

Why is this important?

Take off socks, place a piece of paper against a wall, and place foot on it so that heel touches the wall. Now use a pen to trace the shape of the foot on the front of the toes. Hold the pen exactly upright. Both feet must be measured, as they are often of different lengths! Feet often swell during the day

Step 2: measure and add

Now can measure the edge of the paper from where the heel was to the longest toe and determine the length of foot. Use longer foot as a guidance. Get the required inner length of the shoe by adding an extra of 0.4 inch to your foot length.

Step 3: Look it up in the shoe size table

Our shoe size table helps convert own foot measurements into manufacturer sizes in order to make the right choice.